Affordable aerial video is now a reality! You no longer need to rely on expensive helicopters or van’s with long extension poles to shoot great aerial footage. Quadcopter aerial photography is amazing because it is GPS based. The quadcopter can hover in the same spot hundreds of feet above the ground or move smoothly across the sky shooting 1080P at 60 frames per second video shot from a GoPro Hero 3+ camera. Memory Burn Creative can simply give you the RAW footage, or fully edit a nice presentation with voice over, music, graphics, and more. This is a fantastic tool for realtors to see properties. Fly over the neighborhood to show what attractions are close by! Raw footage rates usually range from $120 to $150 dollars depending on location and surroundings. ┬áCall or email for a quote.
  • Realtors and Auctioneers
  • Farmers
  • Outdoor events
  • Corporation facilities
  • Hotels
  • Golf Courses
  • Car Dealers
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